Eng. Ioan Dorian Coldea

Technological Development Engineer I


Department: Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography and Applied Physics
Research Team: Porous Materials and Carbon Nanostructures

Phone: (+40)264-584037, int. 130
Office: Building A, Room A1.12
E-mail: ioan.coldea[at]itim-cj[dot]ro

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Thermodynamic and kinetic characterization of metallic-hydrogen system, hydrogen diffusion in solids, advanced hydrogen storage materials for fuel cells. – Design, execution and experimental setup in the field hydrogen storage in metallic hydride. – R&D of advanced technologies of hydrogen and MOFs
  • Applied research in isotopic molecular separation
  • Fundamental and applied research in hydrogen and energy storage in metallic hydride and metal-organic frameworks (MOF)


Diplomated Mechanical Engineer- Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca, Mechanical Faculty, 1982