INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, lider în furnizarea de produse şi servicii de cea mai bună calitate în cercetare, dezvoltare, inovare şi producţie, în domeniul energiei şi aplicării izotopilor stabili, mediului, sănătăţii şi calităţii vieţii, materialelor şi proceselor inovative, biotehnologiilor şi tehnologiei informaţiei, care să satisfacă cerinţele şi aşteptările clienţilor noştri.

INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, prin promovarea consecventă a culturii calităţii, formează şi promovează o echipă de profesionişti care urmăreşte atingerea excelenţei în întreaga activitate, pentru crearea şi susţinerea avantajului competitiv pentru toate grupurile de interes: clienţi, salariaţi şi societate.

Decision approving the strategy and the INCDTIM Strategy 2014-2022

INCDTIM institutional development plan for the period 2019-2022

Major strategic concepts

INCDTIM’s development strategy for 2014-2020 is based on a rigorous and objective analysis of the regional, national and European RD&I context, being drawn with the main purpose of guiding:

  • The revival of the RD&I activities in one of the traditional areas of the institute, isotopic technologies, the boost of those in the newly envisaged field of alternative and renewable energies, and maximization of the growth potential in another two areas of great interest for our institute, molecular physics and technology, and nanocomposites for health, environment, pharmaceutical industry, and electronics.
  • The boost of the researches with increased potential for direct economic applicability, leading to innovation, and the continuous concern for providing the necessary RD&I support to the most representative innovative clusters in the region.
  • The enhancement of the success chances to being involved in recent European initiatives, such as Innovation Union, or more traditional, like the European Research Area

The strategic directions of development

The strategic directions of our research, development and innovation activities in the 2014-2020 time frame are built upon the progresses achieved in the former development cycle (2007-2013), they also take into account the past failures, and follow the worldwide trend of stimulating the research focused on the practical impact of its results. In this context, the entire research activity in INCDTIM will be carried out along five major strategic directions, each of which with its own scientific objectives and research topics:

  • D1. Stable Isotopes Technology
  • D2. Alternative and Renewable Energies
  • D3. Molecular Physics and Technology
  • D4. Nano-systems with Controlled Architecture, Organization and Functionalities
  • D5. Multidisciplinary Research / Technological Development / Innovation

Correlation with the European and national RD&I strategies

INCDTIM’s development strategy for 2014-2020 is tailored according to its development needs, being at the same time well anchored in the priorities and objectives established at the European and national level, because:

  • It contributes to the accomplishment of the general objectives of the European RD&I Strategy, especially of (O1) Excellency in Science and (O3) Societal Needs and Difficulties, whereas, depending on the growth rate of the innovation activities within the D5 strategic direction, one can also envisage a certain link with the (O2) objective, Industrial Leadership;
  • Most of the research topics within our strategy are in perfect match with the so-called Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), defined within the European research framework Horizon 2020, namely, Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing;
  • The D1-D5 strategic directions correspond to three of the “Smart Specialization” domains established within the national RD&I strategy 2014-2020: Bio-economy, Energy and Environment, Eco-nanotechnologies;
  • It contributes to the accomplishment of the general objectives of the national RD&I Strategy: (OG1) Enhanced competitiveness through innovation, (OG2) Enhanced Romanian contribution to the progress of the frontier science, and (OG3) Enhanced role of science in society.