INCDTIM has expertise at the highest level for a wide range of analytical services, but also complex RDI services, useful both in traditional and niche sectors:

Agri-food / food safety

authentication of wines based on the isotopic fingerprinting

qualitative analysis of essential oils (lavender, mint, thyme)

isotopic and elemental fingerprinting of Romanian mineral waters

isotopic and elemental fingerprinting of alcoholic beverages (spirits and beer) on the Romanian market

determining the concentration of methanol, ethanol and higher alcohols in alcoholic beverages

determination of pesticide residues from food matrices (vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products) and environmental samples (water, soil)

distribution of fatty acids in vegetable oils

Pharmaceutical industry

preformulation studies for drugs / food supplements with oral administration: screening of new solid forms – polymorphs, salts, cocrystals, hydrates, solvates; stability studies; compatibility studies with excipients; determination of solubility and dissolution rate

determination of the crystalline structure for new (bio)active compounds: on single crystal, by X-ray diffraction, or from powders, by NMR crystallography

identification and determination of the level of polymorphic impurities, traces of residual solvent, etc., in (bio)active compounds, by solid-state NMR spectroscopy

determination of active compounds and impurities in pharmaceutical products, by MS and GC / MS coupled system