Quantum Engineering

Initiated / Developed themes


Team Leader

Dr. Liviu ZÂRBOScientific Researcher I
Expertise: Condensed matter physics, Quantum Chemistry.


Dr. Luiza Tania BUIMAGĂ-IARINCA – Scientific Researcher II
Expertise: Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics, Theoretical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry.

Dr. Adrian CĂLBOREAN – Scientific Researcher I
Expertise: PEIS Electrochemical analysis of lead-acid batteries, Chemical Physics, Sensors, Modeling electronic processes, DPN nanolithography, AFM topographical analysis.

PhD student Levente MÁTHÉScientific Researcher
Expertise: Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics, Electrodynamics.

Dr. Cristian MORARI – Scientific Researcher I
Expertise: Quantum chemistry and Nanotechnology, Solid state physics, Energy storage, Programming and Numerical modeling.

Dr. Ancuța-Teodora MURARIU – Technology Development Engineer III
Expertise: Optics, Quantum communications.

PhD student Larisa Milena PIORAȘ-TIMBOLMASResearch Assistant
Expertise: Molecular Physics, Physical Chemistry.

Dr. Doru Cristian STICLEŢ – Scientific Researcher III
Expertise: Solid state physics, Mesoscopic physics, Superconductivity, Quantum Transport, Topology in condensed matter.

Dr. Carmen TRIPON – Scientific Researcher II
Expertise: Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics.