Internal Management Control

Implementation of the internal management control system


What is “internal managerial control (IMC)”?

An integral component of the management of the organization, targeting all levels of management and all activities, with the purpose of achieving the following objectives:

  • The efficient functioning of the institute;
  • The use of reliable (internal and external) information: accurate, complete and at the right time;
  • Compliance with internal laws, regulations and policies.

How is IMCS implemented?

IMCS is implemented by standards, which define a minimum of management rules that must be observed within the institute.

What is IMCS mainly about?

IMCS includes all organizational structures, working methods and procedures and is not limited to inspection and verification activities only.

IMCS: optional or mandatory?

IMCS is a commitment made by Romania in chapter 28th “Financial control” of negotiation process with the European Union.

SCIM complies with the provisions of the Order SGG nr. 600/2018.

Main benefits for INCDTIM:

  • Better use of the institute’s resources and correlation with its objectives;
  • Improved information flow, with a focus on the document circuit;
  • Continuous monitoring of the institute’s performance;
  • Identification and management of risks regarding the functioning of the institute;
  • Standardization and greater predictability of actions;
  • Accountability of the management and the execution personnel.

Legal basis:

  • Order nr. 119/1999  on Internal Control and Preventive Financial Control, as subsequently amended and supplemented;
  • Order SGG nr. 600/2018 regarding the approval of the Code of the internal managerial control of public entities;
  • Law nr. 206/2004  Law on good conduct in scientific research, technological development and innovation.

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