Dr. Ioan Ovidiu Pană

Scientific Researcher I


Department: Physics of Nanostructured Systems
Research Team: Nanocomposite Materials with Adjustable Properties

Phone: (+40)264-584037, int. 202, 208
Office: Building C, Room C0.14
E-mail: ovidiu.pana@itim-cj.ro

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Materials science, nanoparticles, nanocomposites
  • Nanostructures preparation by chemical methods and pulsed laser deposition (PLD)
    • Nanocomposites based on semiconductor and magnetic materials, with adjustable composition and characteristics used in environmental protection
    • Exchange coupled magnetic materials with applications in energy storage
    • Semiconductor thin films used in electricity production by photovoltaic effect
    • Biofunctionalized nanocomposites in various architectures with medical applications
  • Nanostructures characterization: Quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis by XPS, X-ray diffraction (particle and thin layers), magnetic characterization (VSM, SQUID), electron spin resonance, thermal treatments, photoluminescence spectroscopy, UV-Vis
  • Study of interface phenomena in composite nanostructured materials: charge and spin transfer, quantum coupling processes


PhD in Physics 1999 – Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca