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January 2021

INCDTIM won seven projects at the PCE2020 competition – Exploratory Research Projects

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INCDTIM won seven projects at the PCE2020 – Exploratory Research Projects competitions within the P4 program, Fundamental and Frontier Research, of UEFISCDI.

The seven projects won are in the fields:


Photochemical behavior of some polydopamine-based nanostructures, project director, Dr. Attila Bende


Active tuning of plasmon resonances in gold nanoparticle arrays on elastomeric substrates for ultrasensitive dual MEF/SERS biosensing, project director, Dr. Cosmin Farcău

Engineering Sciences:

Automated fault detection and non-contact diagnostic tools for aircraft industry, project director, Dr. Mihaela Streza

Materials Science:

Unveiling the mystery behind the strong polydopamine adhesion: an original approach by introducing local isotopic markers, project director, Dr. Claudiu Filip
Stability of the conjugated sulfonamides MOFs used as electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, project director, Dr. Cristian Morari
Neoteric polymers with tunable thermal conductivity, project director, Dr. Alexandrina Nan

Applied Life Sciences and Biotechnologies:

Metabolomic approaches – challenges and a step forward in honey recognition, project director, Dr. Alina Măgdaș