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InsBioration – a new European project implemented at INCDTIM

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A research project in which the National Research and Development Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (INCDTIM) is a partner, recently won a European funding of EUR 1.5 million through the EU research and development program M-ERA.NET, the INCDTIM budget being of EUR 200,000 – see

The project ”Bio-inspired interfaces for the development of next generation degradable multi-phase materials – InsBIOration” will be implemented within a consortium which also includes  Leibniz Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V (coordinator), CNRS Institut Charles Sadron Strassbourg, National Institute of Chemistry Ljublijana, University of Turku Finland and Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH, having also BASF Chemetall GmbH, KTB Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH and Plasmatreat GmbH as associated partners.

The main goal of the project is to implement a complete innovation-chain, from the fundamental understanding of the adhesion mechanism of polydopamine, to the manufacture of prototypes of multiphase materials for antipathogenic surfaces, batteries, supercapacitors and polymer-metal hybrids and to the development of decomposition strategies and biodegradation.

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Recent article published in the journal Nanoscale
Ferrofluids and bio-ferrofluids: looking back and stepping forward“, authors: V. Socoliuc, M. V. Avdeev, V. Kuncser, Rodica Turcu, Etelka Tombácz and L. Vékás is promoted on the international website

This website is a platform created by the Magnetic Carrier Society, Vancouver Canada to organize international scientific events promoting the use of magnetic particles, especially in biotechnology and nanomedicine, and to disseminate information on the most interesting experiments and relevant articles published in the field of magnetic particles.

Visit of JINR, Dubna representatives at ITIM

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On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 15:00, the representatives of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research JINR, Dubna visited the National Research-Development Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies.

Concrete results of ITIM’s collaboration with JINR Dubna were discussed and new possibilities for extending cooperation to new directions were explored.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. N.V. Antonenko, deputy director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Dubna and Dr. T.M. Shneidman, a scientific researcher at the same institution. On behalf of the institute, the meeting was attended by the Director General, Dr. Eng. R.V.F. Turcu, Dr. C. Filip, scientific director, Eng. G. Popeneciu, technical director, Dr. I. Turcu, president of the Scientific Council, and project managers in partnership with JINR Dubna.

PIM2021, a success, despite the pandemic times

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Over the course of the three days, the conference provided a stimulating platform for communication and discussion on a wide range of topics, from basic physics, chemistry to applied research on energy efficiency, the environment, materials and isotopic technologies.

This year’s edition was attended by scientific personalities from universities, institutes and research centers in Italy, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania.

The event brought together 180 participants, of which 26 from abroad, and 17 plenary presentations, 31 oral presentations, 138 posters were disseminated.

At the same time, on Friday, September 24, during the conference, the micro-symposium “Celebrating over half a century of Magnetic Resonance in Romania” took place. This event was organized by the magnetic resonance community (RPE / RES, MRI), aiming to celebrate the pioneering contributions of Professor Ioan Ursu to the development of this field in Romania.

14 May 2021 – 40 years since the space flight of the Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu

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On 14 May 1981 Romania was sending the first cosmonaut in space, becoming the 11th country in the world to do this. Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu became the 103-rd person in the world that achieved this milestone.

The launch took place on 14 May 1981 at 20:16 Romanian time, with the Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu and the Russian commander Leonid Popov on board. After 8 minutes and 50 seconds, the spacecraft separated from the last stage. 28 hours passed before the coupling with the orbital station, during which the cosmonauts made two orbital maneuvers, tested the systems of the ship and also had some time to rest. The Soyuz 40 spacecraft coupled with the Salyut 6 orbital station on 15 May at 21:50 Romanian time.

Together with the station crew — the pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Vasilievici Kovalionok, seconded by the pilot-cosmonaut Victor Petrovici Savinîh — they ran a number of 11 Romanian scientific experiments during the flight, four experiments from flight partners and several other experiments that were ongoing from other Intercosmos crews.

Among the Romanian experiment was:

  • the NANOBALANTA experiment proposed by ITIM focused on the stability of the protective layers of silicon dioxide deposited on the optical components of the space station (windows, lenses, solar cells, etc.) under the influence of the cosmic environment (radiation, solid microparticles, temperature variations). For this purpose, the deposited protective layer was used as a resonator and the changes were monitored through the effect on the resonator frequency.

INCDTIM won seven projects at the PCE2020 competition – Exploratory Research Projects

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INCDTIM won seven projects at the PCE2020 – Exploratory Research Projects competitions within the P4 program, Fundamental and Frontier Research, of UEFISCDI.

The seven projects won are in the fields:


Photochemical behavior of some polydopamine-based nanostructures, project director, Dr. Attila Bende


Active tuning of plasmon resonances in gold nanoparticle arrays on elastomeric substrates for ultrasensitive dual MEF/SERS biosensing, project director, Dr. Cosmin Farcău

Engineering Sciences:

Automated fault detection and non-contact diagnostic tools for aircraft industry, project director, Dr. Mihaela Streza

Materials Science:

Unveiling the mystery behind the strong polydopamine adhesion: an original approach by introducing local isotopic markers, project director, Dr. Claudiu Filip
Stability of the conjugated sulfonamides MOFs used as electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, project director, Dr. Cristian Morari
Neoteric polymers with tunable thermal conductivity, project director, Dr. Alexandrina Nan

Applied Life Sciences and Biotechnologies:

Metabolomic approaches – challenges and a step forward in honey recognition, project director, Dr. Alina Măgdaș

INCDTIM at 70 years old

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CURRENT REGIONAL: Home in Europe – December 17, 2020

Moderator and director: Mihnea Stoica
Guest: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Flaviu TURCU – General Manager INCDTIM


  • The fate of pandemic research
  • INCDTIM at 70 years old
  • Innovation in Romania
  • Emerging technologies
  • INCDTIM’s future projects

Conjugated sulfonamides: a new class of materials for lithium-ion batteries

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In December 2020 was reported a new class of organic materials for lithium-ion batteries :

The study was published in Nature Materials as result of the research conducted by a joint team from the Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the University of Nantes, France.

The INCDTIM contribution consists in computational support for the experimental component of the study, and was financed within the PN19 35 01 01 project from the NUCLEUS program.

Patents presented by INCDTIM at the International Exhibition of Research, Innovations and Inventions PRO INVENT 2020

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At this year’s edition of the “International Exhibition of Research, Innovations and Inventions PRO INVENT, 18th edition, November 18-20, 2020″ the 11 inventions presented at the institute received Diplomas of Excellence and Gold Medal.

(1) OSIM cu Nr. A00531 din 24.08.2020
Desulfatization, optimization and application technique of the spent plates provided from car battery
Autors: Rada Simona, Opre Răzvan, Pintea Andrei, Culea Eugen

(2) RO134558 (A0)-2020-11-27
Preparation, incorporation and application of radioactive waste in glasses based on B2O3-PBO
Autors: Rada Simona, Dehelean Adriana

 (3) RO134457(A0)-2020-09-30
Device for characterizing thermoelectric materials
Autors: Surducan Vasile, Surducan Emanoil, Macavei Sergiu

(4) RO134072(A0)-2020-04-30
Device for charging, measuring and balancing by sequential switching of secondary batteries connected in a bank
Autors: Surducan Vasile, Surducan Emanoil

(5) RO133721(A0)-2019-11-29
Device for the real-time observation of the evolution of macroscopic biological material in vitro
Autors: Alexandra Ciorîţă, Vasile Surducan, Emanoil Surducan

 (6) RO132726 (B1) 2019-10-30
Device for recovering the air slipstream energy of motor vehicles running on highways
Autors: Bot Adrian, Bruj Emil, Rednic Vasile, Pogăcian Gheorghe-Sergiu, Zotoiu Dan-Ioan-Alin

 (7) RO133612(A0)-2019-09-30
Process for preparng magnetic clusters with high magnetization, based on magnetite nanoparticles and feco/aloparticles
Autors: Crăciunescu Izabell, Turcu Rodica Paula, Balanean Florica, Vekas Ladislau

 (8) RO133593(A0)-2019-08-30
Universal cold plasma applicator to be used in surface engineering
Autor: Cristian Tudoran

 (9) RO133531(A0)-2019-07-30
Voltage step-up micro-convertor device and method for carrying out the same
Autors: Robert Gutt, Vasile Surducan, Emanoil Surducan

 (10) RO133488(A0)-2019-07-30
Auxiliary device for protection against spilling of powder metal samples upon electric arc ignition
Autors: Cristian Tudoran, Ioan Coldea, Adrian BOT, Dan Lupu, Maria Coroş

 (11) RO133284(A0)-2019-04-30
Solar concentrator with multiple focal points and stirling motor
Autors: Bot Adrian, Rednic Vasile, Bruj Emil, Pogăcian Gheorghe-Sergiu, Gergely Ștefan, Pop Ionel-Radu, Gutt Robert