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Patents presented by INCDTIM at the International Exhibition of Research, Innovations and Inventions PRO INVENT 2020

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At this year’s edition of the “International Exhibition of Research, Innovations and Inventions PRO INVENT, 18th edition, November 18-20, 2020″ the 11 inventions presented at the institute received Diplomas of Excellence and Gold Medal.

(1) OSIM cu Nr. A00531 din 24.08.2020
Desulfatization, optimization and application technique of the spent plates provided from car battery
Autors: Rada Simona, Opre Răzvan, Pintea Andrei, Culea Eugen

(2) RO134558 (A0)-2020-11-27
Preparation, incorporation and application of radioactive waste in glasses based on B2O3-PBO
Autors: Rada Simona, Dehelean Adriana

 (3) RO134457(A0)-2020-09-30
Device for characterizing thermoelectric materials
Autors: Surducan Vasile, Surducan Emanoil, Macavei Sergiu

(4) RO134072(A0)-2020-04-30
Device for charging, measuring and balancing by sequential switching of secondary batteries connected in a bank
Autors: Surducan Vasile, Surducan Emanoil

(5) RO133721(A0)-2019-11-29
Device for the real-time observation of the evolution of macroscopic biological material in vitro
Autors: Alexandra Ciorîţă, Vasile Surducan, Emanoil Surducan

 (6) RO132726 (B1) 2019-10-30
Device for recovering the air slipstream energy of motor vehicles running on highways
Autors: Bot Adrian, Bruj Emil, Rednic Vasile, Pogăcian Gheorghe-Sergiu, Zotoiu Dan-Ioan-Alin

 (7) RO133612(A0)-2019-09-30
Process for preparng magnetic clusters with high magnetization, based on magnetite nanoparticles and feco/aloparticles
Autors: Crăciunescu Izabell, Turcu Rodica Paula, Balanean Florica, Vekas Ladislau

 (8) RO133593(A0)-2019-08-30
Universal cold plasma applicator to be used in surface engineering
Autor: Cristian Tudoran

 (9) RO133531(A0)-2019-07-30
Voltage step-up micro-convertor device and method for carrying out the same
Autors: Robert Gutt, Vasile Surducan, Emanoil Surducan

 (10) RO133488(A0)-2019-07-30
Auxiliary device for protection against spilling of powder metal samples upon electric arc ignition
Autors: Cristian Tudoran, Ioan Coldea, Adrian BOT, Dan Lupu, Maria Coroş

 (11) RO133284(A0)-2019-04-30
Solar concentrator with multiple focal points and stirling motor
Autors: Bot Adrian, Rednic Vasile, Bruj Emil, Pogăcian Gheorghe-Sergiu, Gergely Ștefan, Pop Ionel-Radu, Gutt Robert