Dr. Loránt Jánosi

Scientific Researcher I


Department: Molecular and Biomolecular Physics
Research Team: Molecular and Biomolecular Technologies

Phone: (+40)264-584037, int. 177
Office: Building B, Room B1.03
E-mail: lorant.janosi[at]itim-cj[dot]ro

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Molecular Modeling; Theoretical and Computational Biophysics; Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics; Physical Chemistry
  • Rational design and generation of synthetic short antimicrobial / anticancer peptides, linking structure to function
  • Self-association of small drugs
  • Multiscale modeling of wildtype and oncogenic Ras proteins in multicomponent membrane bilayer models
  • Study association and transport mechanisms of transmembrane channels · (self-)association of (trans-membrane) proteins
  • Develop new/improve potential of mean force (PMF) calculations (developed PMF calculation methods at non-equilibrium (FR method[1]) and flat-histogram-based (MW)^2-XDOS method[2])
  • References:
    • [1] Kosztin et al., JChemPhys (2006), 064106;
    • [2] Janosi et al., JChemPhys (2009), 054105.


PhD in Physics, 2007 – University of Missouri-Columbia, MO, USA
MSc in Solid State Physics, 2002 – Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania / Technical University Chemnitz, Germany
BSc in Physics, 2001 – Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania