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Romanian Conference for Education and Research

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Researchers from INCDTIM are invited to register for the conference organized by

Enformation together with the academic publishing houses and the partner companies, with the support of the Association of Universities, Research-Development Institutes and Central University Libraries of Romania – “Anelis Plus”, with the theme:

“Access to scientific literature: Romanian International Conference for Education and Research, 8th edition, which will take place between October 27-29, 2020.

Romanian Conference for Education and Research becomes exclusively #online event in 2020!

The event is attended by top speakers who will address current topics of general interest, such as:

  • Transdisciplinarity in Education and Research
  • The importance of educational communities
  • Open Science
  • Research Failure
  • Motivation in Education and Research

The presence at the event offers participants both the opportunity to contact the representatives of the partner publishers of the Anelis Plus Association but also with other world-renowned publishers, with international speakers, to get acquainted with international trends in scientific documentation, solutions for documentation multidisciplinary and to participate in various seminars held by publishers on various current topics.

The description of the event, the topics addressed, speakers, locations, the Agenda and the registration form for the Conference can be found at: https://conferinta.e-nformation.ro/